As a master painter we know that you already know all the basics. This series of videos is aimed at giving you a few handy hints that will help you save some time and effort on your next painting job.

You might also pick up some handy information on some of our latest paint accessory products. If we can help you save time on your next job then that’s money in your pocket.

You don’t have to be a DIY painter to learn a new trick or find a way that you get better results with less effort. We guarantee that if you take five minutes to watch this series of videos you will pick up something new along the way.

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Supporting the Master Painters of Australia

MPA-LOGO_highUni-Pro believes in training and development for all professionals in the painting industry. For this reason we support the MPA and recommend it as a great resource for all professional painters.

Since its foundation over 100 years ago, Master Painters Australia has functioned as an independent representative for firms and individuals conducting business in the painting, decorating and signwriting trades. Visit the Master Painters Australia website


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How to save time and money as Trade painter:

1_timeBuying advice – Where ever possible it pays to make sure you always have sufficient stocks in your vehicle of the tools and consumables that you will use on an everyday basis as a painter.


Advertising and marketing your painting business

1_marketingLocal Newspaper Adverts

Local newspapers can run adds for as little as $150, another great way to get good value out of the local papers is to insert a simple flyer. Rates for the newspaper to insert your flyer start from as little as $75 for 1,000 flyers to be inserted and delivered.


How to add value to your painting business

1_strategyHave you completed any training courses or tertiary education? This is a great way to help improve your painting skills and be able to offer a wider range of services. Why not consider joining the Master Painters Association.