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Mini rollers

In this video I’ll look at the differences between the mini rollers available. Mini rollers are a great way to paint smaller areas or tight spaces and they allow for greater accuracy than normal diameter rollers. There are a number of different varieties that are used for specific paint applications.

Peel A Tray

If you’ve ever cleaned a roller tray after painting you know how messy it can be, and how much water or solvent you need to get the tray clean.

With “Peel-A-Tray” you simply peel the four corners of the liner up off the base tray and twist.

Then just hold the liner over your paint tin, pierce, and squeeze the leftover paint back into the tin without getting your hands dirty. Easy.

Masking and protection

Inside this free video we explain the application and use of masking tape and masking film. These products help protect your trims, doors and floors from paint spills when painting.

The video also explains using drop sheets to protect floors and furniture.

And a few handy tips to save time….

There are lots of handy tips for before you start painting including some nifty products that help you save time and effort to get your next painting job covered up.

Opening and mixing paint

In this free video we show you how to correctly open and mix paint before you start painting. Mixing paint thoroughly before you start is very important to make sure all of the colour tinters are evenly mixed so that when your paint goes on the wall, it’s the colour that you expect it to be. We also include some handy general tips to help you before start painting.

Paint pots & pourers

In this free video we show you an easy and mess free way to pour paint from the tin, no mess no fuss and no paint spills. We also show you some great paint pots that will make the job of cutting quick and easy.

We also show a simple way to paint straight from the paint tin if you prefer with no mess and no spills.

Sanding and finishing

In this free video we show various ways to sand back any surface before painting.

It is important before painting to make sure you have a smooth clean surface. We show you some great sanding products that will make any sanding job a breeze.

We demonstrate the use of sanding sponges and sanding floats to show you which is best for different jobs. We cover off all aspects including, health and safety when sanding.


If you’ve ever had to paint a room, then you know how important preparation is, particularly when it comes to sanding that most difficult area – the ceiling!

A Revolutionary Product!

Well, Uni‐Pro has changed all that with their new “Genius TurboSand”, a patented circular pole sander that makes sanding walls & ceilings really easy and really fast!

Different brushes

In this free video we explain the different types of paint brushes and their various uses/applications.

We know that selecting the right paint brush can be a bit confusing and we give you right information to make sure you get the brush you need.

A note on “cutting in”

We also give you a simple guide on “How to cut in” before painting. If you want great results when using a paint brush then this is for you. Become a painting expert when painting your home without all the hassle.

Paint trays, rollers and poles

In this free video we show you how to select the correct paint roller when painting. Selecting the correct roller will not only give you a better finish it will help you save time and effort when painting.

The secret to setting up

We also show you how to correctly load a roller sleeve with paint. If you are painting ceilings or walls we always recommend using an extension pole for high, hard to reach areas.

Included in this video is a simple “How to roll a wall” video, yours free. If you want great results when painting your home then this video is for you.

Preparing & cleaning

In this free video we take you through the important initial steps for any painting job, the preparation and cleaning. In this video we recommend the use of Sugar Soap for cleaning heavily soiled surfaces before painting, this makes sure the surface will be free from dust and grime and that the paint will properly adhere to the surface.

Preparation and cleaning is a substantial part of any painting job and needs to be given sufficient time if you going to get great results.