How to save time and money as Trade painter:

Buying advice – Where ever possible it pays to make sure you always have sufficient stocks in your vehicle of the tools and consumables that you will use on an everyday basis as a painter.

There is nothing more frustrating or time consuming to have to drive back to a shop to get something that you need to finish a job. Time is money and planning your jobs is vital to make sure you are not wasting unnecessary time travelling to get supplies.

There are also many painting products that can really save you time as a professional painter. There are products like roller spinners/roller squeegees that remove a majority of the paint from your roller before you even start washing it out. Brush cleaners/combs will also save you time everyday of the week and make sure that your equipment will last you longer than just one job.

It may even pay to sometimes select application tools that meet your quality standards, but can easily be disposed of at the end of the job. Perhaps that is worth more to you than the time required to clean out tools at the end of the day?

Other products take away the need to clean up all together like paint tray liners. These easily fit into your paint tray and when you’re finished you simply lift them out, great for job sites where you may have no access to water.

Do you use sheepskin rollers? Sheepskin have some very unique properties that make then the most efficient fibre for use on a painting roller. Sheepskin wool absorbs paint extremely well. This means that it will generally hold more paint than other synthetic rollers. What does that mean for you? It means you can get more paint on the wall or surface with every roller load. Obviously this means you will also get the job done quicker, when time is money, that’s great news! If you’re not using sheepskin rollers why not try one on your next paint job?