UNi-PRO is Australia’s premier wholesaler of domestic and commercial paint products and accessories. There are hundreds of UNi-PRO products – from brushes and trays to scrapers, tapes and drop sheets – designed to suit every budget and skill level.

Established in 1980, UNi-PRO is an Australian, family-owned company with more than 50 professional staff nationwide, and full warehousing facilities in Queensland, Victoria, and Western Australia.

Several brands were promoted in the initial years, however, UNi-PRO soon became the flagship brand of all it’s products.

In 2000, The Marketing Company changed it’s name to UNi-PRO Painting Equipment to reflect the brand of which all products were branded.

UNi-PRO is a respected and senior supplier to more than two dozen retail partners, including Australia’s largest hardware stores and corporate paint and independent paint outlets, and an important participant in Australia’s ever-growing DIY and professional painting markets.


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