About Us

UNi-PRO is Australia’s premier wholesaler of domestic and commercial paint products and accessories. There are hundreds of UNi-PRO products – from brushes and trays to scrapers, tapes and drop sheets – designed to suit every budget and skill level.

Established in 1980, UNi-PRO is an Australian, family-owned company with more than 50 professional staff nationwide, and full warehousing facilities in Queensland, Victoria, and Western Australia. UNi-PRO is a respected and senior supplier to more than two dozen retail partners, including Australia’s largest hardware stores and trade paint outlets, and an important participant in Australia’s ever-growing DIY and professional painting markets.

Painting can be complex, which is why UNi-PRO keeps its product ranges simple and easy to understand, based on genuine user requirements matched to the right brands and prices:

geniusUNi-PRO Genius – Designed for professionals with specialist requirements, the Genius range offers exceptional quality for expert results.


UNi-PRO Trade – Made with trade-quality materials for reliability and longevity, the Trade range is made for all-day comfort and consistency.

uniproUNi-PRO – The UNi-PRO flagship brand represents top value, great performance, and multipurpose functionality for general users.


  • UNi-PRO Paint Craft – Featuring basic product ranges for simple painting tasks, Paint Craft products deliver top quality at a budget price.


  • UNi-PRO Utility – Made for simple touch-ups and single-use applications, the Utility range offers quick solutions for small-scale tasks.

Every painter, regardless of skill or experience, strives to achieve perfect results. Not only does UNi-PRO assist painters to reach their goals by supplying no-nonsense products at a reasonable price, but it also offers practical online resources to help users ‘Paint Like a Pro’. These resources include ‘How To’ videos and guides, detailed information sheets, as well as Materials Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) and product overviews.

UNi-PRO’s expert team work closely with suppliers to ensure the greatest possible efficiencies and cost savings are passed on to retail partners and customers. New warehousing dispatch and ordering systems, including the latest scanning technologies, allow for same-day order processing; meantime, clear in-store displays and informative packaging formats encourage customers to choose the right products for the job at hand, leading to better painting outcomes.