Community Involvement

UNi-PRO are proud to have been able to offer our support to the following community projects and events.

Mornington Peninsula Shire Art Project 2022

UNi-PRO are excited to again team up with Brightside Art on a new project with the Mornington Peninsula Shire and their local youth team. It is a program developed to encourage young people to become engaged and to use their creativity in a positive way to benefit their community. It’s predominantly based around painting murals to revitalise ugly walls & public spaces & to discourage graffiti vandalism. The program includes a mural wall at a community site on Wannanue Place in Rosebud. The youth team in the program take part in a number of workshops to develop concepts, prepare the wall, paint and finish the mural artwork.

Kyle Brightside has more to say on this project below:

Creative Sparks Projects is a community art initiative with a mission to revitalize community spaces and install large scale works of art on a variety of surfaces in order to strengthen inclusive communities, improve public facilities, and inspire people to think more critically and creatively about their environments.

Mornington Peninsula Shire and local young people from Advance College were invited to participate in a Creative Sparks Project in Rosebud,  to create a mural that reflected their connection to the Rosebud community from the question “What the Ocean means to me”.

The young people were over the moon to participate in the Project and enjoyed hearing the positive feedback from the wider community about the artwork they were creating. The young people that contributed something positive to Rosebud that everyone could enjoy have come away with a strong sense of pride in their community and feel included and heard.

The Creative Sparks Projects run by Kyle BrightSide, from BrightSide Art, consists of a series of workshops that include a brainstorm session to encourage students to express their ideas and open discussion around community art & what the ocean means for the local young people. A tour of a working art studio.  A  hands-on session for young people to get creative and put their brainstorming ideas onto canvas as well as the final session to help paint the finished mural design on the wall in Rosebud. And of course the celebration to share their finished mural with friends, family and other members in the community.

Worldskills National Championships – Perth 2021

Uni-Pro were proud to be the major sponsor for the 2021 World Trade Skills event painting division. This event highlights the skills of Australia’s best up and coming Tradespeople.


School Painting Projects 2021

Uni-Pro back to school! We’re extremely happy to help breath life back into our local schools. A massive thanks to all of the parents who contribute their time, effort & sweat to get these buildings looking fresh and new again.

Frankston Community Art Project

UNi-PRO have been fortunate enough to be involved with street artist Kyle Brightside in bringing his amazing, bold style to Klaurer street with this colourful mural for the Frankston Community.

Kyle has more to say on this project below:

“I was stoked to be able to work on this huge project! The wall is over 235 square meters in size, that’s 70m long and took over 180 litres of paint to cover!

The project was to create a bright, bold and unique design that would connect with the local community and in particular appeal to the young people in the area. Being such a long and tall wall, under a bridge and right next to a rail corridor it was a challenging space to work in and the design had to bring into the area a tonne of personality, style and of course colour to brighten up the bike path running alongside the railway lines.

From my work in Los Angeles creating bright, bold & completely unique large scale artworks I was able to create a Wall of Tentacles with a strong, bright and bold colour palette and style inspired by the Southern Californian surf & skate culture that I knew would connect with the local young people around Frankston – and of course it is something that hasn’t been seen around Australian street art scenes before!  The tentacles represent the lifestyle by the bay, being fun & attracting visitors to this beautiful environment, but also something unique and always something new to discover for locals and visitors alike. So to cover this enormous wall in tentacles using such a bright colour palette and funky surf style, was such a great project to be part of and the feedback from the local community has been fantastic!” – Kyle BrightSide (Professional Artist, Melbourne & Los Angeles)


“Ready for work”

We’re very pleased to be involved in the exciting new program “Ready for work” for new painters. Organised by Aussie Painters Network in conjunction with Construction Skills Queensland and Queensland Master Painters. It is a 5 week unpaid program that consists of practical training and life skills for the first week, followed by 1 week of official training with Construction Skills Training Centre (CSTC) where the participants complete specific units of competency to get them work ready.

Victorian Australian Open Blokart Championships 2020

Another fantastic partnership we were fortunate to be a part of during the Australia Day weekend. UNi-PRO has been proud to support the 2020 Australian Open Blokart Championships.


Warrandyte Cricket Club

UNi-PRO are continued sponsors of the Warrandyte Cricket Club, the third oldest active Cricket Club in Victoria.

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