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UNi-PRO Grippie

The UNi-PRO Grippie is a rope and bungee fastening system, which is quick, simple and secure. Useful to join, secure & tighten ropes to roof… Read more »

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UNi-PRO Paint Tray Liners

Save time, effort and precious water when you next clean up after painting. Uni-Pro tray liners are quick and inexpensive to use and they’re solvent… Read more »

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Uni-Pro Trade Ultra Light Roller Frames

Want the perfect combination for painting ceilings, Uni-Pro’s Ultra-lightweight frames and our 15mm nap Micro-Fibre roller is the perfect choice.

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UNi-PRO Wall Stripper

Are you looking for a wall stripper for your next project, that is easy to use with the option of using it with the standard… Read more »

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