Want to know the best way to improve the value of your home before selling it?

Home For Sale Sign in Front of Beautiful New Home

Painting your home before you sell/auction is one of the best and most economical ways you can improve the final price you can achieve on the sale.

Painting is accessible to everyone, and even if you don’t want to “Do It Yourself”, you can still get a painter in to do this for a fraction of what other major building/construction work could cost you.

Painting your home before selling will not only freshen up the look of the house it can also make rooms look bigger (and more appealing to prospective buyers) if light colours are used where previously dark colours have been.

Light neutral colours tend to be the most appealing shades that will be appealing to the broadest range of buyers.

If a room is painted in a very strong colour this may be off putting to some buyers, when selling your home you want to appeal to the broadest range of buyers as you can. Remember you are painting to sell not for your personal preferences and tastes.

A fresh coat of paint allows you the opportunity to fix any minor marks or imperfections that have not been attended to prior to selling your home.

A fresh coat of paint often indicates that the previous owner has pride in their home and its appearance. Just like a freshly baked batch of cookies can make buyers feel welcome, the smell of a fresh coat of paint makes the house feel new and clean. Remember if you are just painting over a repaired section of wall, always paint the entire wall, not just the repaired section of wall.

When it comes to the outside of your house this can also be just as important to make sure the colours used here are fresh, neutral and give the house a welcoming feel. There is nothing worse than having flakey, damaged exterior fascia boards that will require fixing when a new owner purchases the home. Some prospective could be turned away from looking at the home on this simple fact alone. Some other simple ways to improve the outside look of your home include simple things like thoroughly cleaning all of the windows on your home and removing any cobwebs and dust from around the windows.