UNi-PRO Genius TurboSand Disc 6 Pack Range

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  • Designed for use with the Genius TurboSand 230mm radial sander, product code 500.
  • 6 discs per pack.
  • Coarse 80 grit: heavy sanding, roughing up surfaces, fascias and weatherboards, product code 508.
  • Medium 120 grit: smoother sanding, removing imperfections, use on plaster patching, product code 512.
  • Medium/fine 150 grit: final sanding for plaster walls prior to painting, product code 515.
  • Fine 180 grit: use on gloss paints between coats and fine sanding work, product code 518.
  • Extra fine 220 grit: smoother finish with skim coats or final plaster sanding, product code 522.
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