UNi-PRO Shellac Flakes

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  • Finishing & refinishing wood floors, cabinets, woodwork, trims & panelling.
  • As an undercoat for varnish (do not use under urethanes).
  • Wash coat under stains.
  • Sealing drywall, cured plaster, old painted walls and wallpaper.
  • Sealing drywall before papering.
  • Sealing new wood before painting.
  • Sealing knots and sappy streaks in new wood.
  • Exterior spot sealing.
  • Sealing damaged asphalt.
  • Sealing spackled and stained areas.
  • Available in 4 size,  300g – product code: SH102, 1kg – product code: SH101, 5kg – product code: SH103, 25 Kg – product code: SH104.
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